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Job interview at legal firm

Job interview at legal firm

When have you delivered/received great service? What did you do/receive? *

When I was working in Vodafone, a elderly man had come in and was having trouble with a new phone had given him for his birthday. It was the iphone 5s. He had trouble getting to grips with it and wanted help to set up email, etc, numbers, explained every setting. He was worried at the queue building up but I made him feel at ease.

Give an example of where you have seen an opportunity to improve something and have acted upon it. What did you do? What happened as a result? *

When I was working at Vodafone I realised that all of the accessories were cluttered and in no particular order. I approached my manager and informed him that it was difficult for customers to find headphones, memory cards, cases etc and more and more customers were asking staff members if they had specific accessories in store which were not obviously visible on the display. As a result, I asked my manager for permission to put the products in alphabetical order on the shelf and according to size so as to increase sales and make it easier for customers to find what they were looking for. The manager agreed and the situation was improved dramatically.


Tell me about a time when you failed to complete a task or project on time, despite intending to do so.


During my final year at university I failed to deliver my third year project by the due date. This was because I was heavily involved in cutting-edge research right up until the end of my course and was waiting for imminent results from surveys being undertaken by researchers at other academic institutions.

Considering this was my final piece of academic work, I wanted to ensure it was based on the most accurate and up-to-date sources of information available, even if this meant a delay in production. To ensure no marks were deducted from my dissertation, I contacted my course director and personal tutor two weeks before my dissertation due date to discuss my particular situation. I argued my case, and was consequently allowed an extra two weeks to produce my work.

Although my work was delayed, I feel that this delay was justified in that the work was of the highest quality it could be. Furthermore, I sufficiently organised myself in relation to my department and tutors, so that all relevant people were aware of a possible delay in the production of my dissertation. Apply to abogados de accidentes Florida

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